Self-proclaimed professional doodler Hattie Stewart creates some amazing artwork for clients all over over the world including Adidas, Diesel and Marc by Marc Jacobs, amongst many others.

Hattie asked us to create a website that acted as an online gallery for her art, which includes paintings, animations, creations for magazines, as well as work for both the music and fashion industries.


We focused on making something simple and easy to navigate, whilst making sure we still remained true to Hattie’s unique personality.

We ultimately delivered a website that really presents the projects that Hattie has undertaken over the years because, in the end, it’s all about showcasing the work!

We also knew that many of the people visiting Hattie’s website would be doing so from a mobile device of some description, so we decided to make it lovely and responsive too...

Take a look

Hattie Stewart

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